Regenorchester XII

A Hannibal Marvin Peterson concert at Jazzgalerie Nickelsdorf was the awakening experience for Austrian trumpeter Franz Hautzinger. He studied at the Jazz department of today’s Art University in Graz but soon started to explore the trumpet in his very own and un-academic way. A longer stay in London provided him new ideas and and where he formed the „Regenorchester“(„Rain Orchestra“) which also can be considered as an important stage in his musical development.
With the now twelfth incarnation of this long-time project, today the band features Otomo Yoshihide and Christian Fennesz, two luminaries of electronic music and guitarists who can not only create an atmosphere of suspense in silence but also relate to noise and rock idioms. Also part of the project is Luc Ex, former member of the anarcho-jazz punk band The Ex on electric bass, and Tony Buck, drummer of the Australian trio The Necks. Hautzinger and his Regenorchester XII play a kind of “jazz about jazz”, incorporating naturally experimental improvisation or drone and noise experiences into the rock jazz sound.

Regenorchester XII
Franz Hautzinger: quarter tone trumpet
Christian Fennesz: guitar, laptop
Otomo Yoshihide: guitar, turntables, el. devices
Luc Ex: bass
Tony Buck: drums, percussion