local artists / labels

cien fuegos
cut surface
discaholic / special online store for rare vinyl
editions mego
interstellar records
andreas leikauf / fine arts, design of early trost releases and flyers
radian releases
random acoustics / label of Georg Graewe
rock is hell
substance recordstore

people & institutions we LIKE AND/OR work with

martin siewert / studio and mastering
amann studios / studio and mastering
lorenzo stecconi / studio and mastering
dubplates & mastering / vinyl cut
rand muzik / vinyl production

ziga koritnik
/ photography
petra cvelbar / photography
peter gannushkin
/ photography

/ graphic studio
sara d'uva / artwork, graphics
lasse marhaug / artwork, graphics
effundwe / graphic studio

wohnzimmer interactive / website development

ske fonds / music and artist funding
sra / archive of austrian underground music

siebdruckeria / merchandise, shirts

ubuweb online avantgarde archive

venues / festivals / BOOKING

a l'arme festival / berlin
arco y flecha / booking
area sismica / forli
avantart / festival
blue tomato / vienna
cafe oto / london
cerkno festival / cerkno, slovenia
chelsea / vienna
fluc / vienna
hotel pupik / schrattenberg
jazz festival / ljubljana
jazzgalerie / nickelsdorf
kato bookbird / booking
liccht / booking, vienna
rhiz / vienna
underflow / gallery and shows
unlimited festival / wels