Katharina Ernstdrums, percussion
Martin Siewert
electric guitar, lap steel, electronics

are considered with a playful way of non-linear improvisation that not only allows hard cuts, abrupt dynamic and atmospheric breaks, but almost forces them. The Viennese Martin Siewert and Katharina Ernst improvise with contrary material without restrictions: analytical and reduced movements are contrasted with rhythmic-eruptive elements - in full use of both the dynamic spectrum and the tonal, instrumental means ranging from electronically abstract and slowly morphing sound worlds to tactile-physical attacks on traditional instruments. An attempt to unite the poles of noisy, static / repetitive electronics on the one hand, often perceived as diametrically opposed to the musical gesture, and supposedly ecstatic, 'physical' instrumental condensation scenarios on the other.

Katharina Ernst made herself a name as a solo artist and also performs in exquisite sideprojects with Christina Kubisch or the audiovisual formation Ventil.

Martin Siewert is a jazz and improvisation musician, composer (for theatre, film and dance a.o) but also known as the guitarist in the band Radian, Fake The Facts (with Mats Gustafsson), Heaven And, Trapist and many various collaborations (w/Fennesz, Tony Buck). Siewert is mixing and mastering many of the current avantgarde/electronic/jazz releases in his studio in Vienna and is a close collaborator on many Trost releases.