RASMUSSEN / DORJI / DAMON – To the animal kingdom

TROST | TR167 | CD | 2017
Mette Rasmussen: alto sax
Tashi Dorji: guitar
Tyler Damon: drums

Rasmussen frames Dorji and Damon’s powerful but abstract playing into a coherent, ecstatic course, alternating suddenly to a quiet, ritualistic-meditative coda -
Eyal Hareuveni, Salt Peanuts, 2017

The result is sensitive but athletic improvisation that has the flexibility to pull in multiple directions at once without violating the boundaries of the three improvisors’ distinctive voices -
Eric McDowell, Free Jazz Blog, 2017

The music is very exciting with blistering shards of guitar sparking off against gale force saxophone and drums -
Tim Niland, Jazz And Blues Blogspot, 2017

To the animal kingdom
To life
To the heavens and earths