PETER BRÖTZMANN – Along the way

TROST | TR210 | Book / Catalogue | 2021
artwork from 2010 - 2020

texts by Brötzmann, Stephen O'Malley, John Corbett, Karl Lippegaus, Heather Leigh, Sotiris Kontos, Thomas Millroth, Markus Müller

Being on the road so much, the time-space between the tours is not long enough for preparing big canvases and starting oil-paintings.
You use what’s on the table - paper, cardboard, an empty cigar box, pens, felts and brushes, ink in a glass or a Chinese ink stone.

You use what there is and that’s what we musicians call improvising and that’s what the works in this book are about [and my life too]: IMPROVISATION
Peter Brötzmann, Wuppertal, October 2020

228 pages, in english, hardcover, first edition 2021

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