MY WAY MY LOVE – It is but one of Billlions of Galaxies in your Universe

TROST | TR089 | CD | 2006
The impeccable mix of fat powertrio-bassrock, sweet pop-rhythms and noisy shoegazer-parts is able to convince on its own terms easily. the trio around mastermind Yukio Marata picks instruments and everything convertable to an instrument.

At one time, they give in to their overpowering drive to play, at other times they will ride a heavy noise-rock-track or line up in their own dreamy idiosyncracies. they have big waves of noise breaking into the songs or shoot fx-sounds from the phasers in star wars through the room.

Every single song gets its own deal of creativity and uniqueness, with never being overdone. Underneath the – regulary mentioned – japanese weirdness my way my love are able to offer something more important and central: substance.

This band knows where it is coming from, and they know how to bridge the gap between noiserock and random experiments in a playful fashion.
Stars On The Surface
Wreck Low
Nerveless 9
62 And 7
Super Kung Fu
Enveloppe Song
My Life
Black Butterfly