KAWASHIMA MAKOTO - MOCHIZUKI HARUTAKA - MICHEL HENRITZI – Chinmoku wa ishikure ni yadoru bouryoku

TROST | TR220 | CD | 2023
Makoto Kawashima - alto saxophone on track 1 and 3
Harutaka Mochizuki - alto saxophone on track 1 and 2
Michel Henritzi - lapsteel on track 1 & 3, guitar feedback on track 2

Inspired by Georg Trakl's "Nocturnal Song" and recorded in separate locations during lockdown 2021.

The Japanese free music players Harutaka Mochizuki and Makoto Kawashima excite with their haunting play in the spirit of Kaoru Abe – beautiful and sad and violent at the same time. The French lapsteel guitarist Michel Henritzi mixes the pieces together, they float naturally into a melancholic but vibrant soundpoem, envocating their ghosts, their desires and - feeling the mood of Trakl's poem - the dread of lonesome dark nights.