The Vogue

Legendary Austrian psychedelic beat/mod/ band existing from 1978 to 1982, releasing two 7”Singles, a vinyl-album and a couple of tracks on compilations – all in small, private underground editions.

The album “a doll spits cubes” was self-released by the band in edition of 300, gone in days, once repressed as a bootleg and heavily sought after in the years to come...a great mix of electrifying own songs and covers of Who, Kinks, Standells.

The song „Frozen seas of Io“ made it to number 2 in the austrian charts…

Gary Danner: lead vocals, rhythm-guitar
Erich "Frisbee" Schindl: lead-, shatter- & fuzz-guitars
Chris Michael "d'Or" Mayyer: bass, harmony vocals
Ronnie "Rocket" Urini: drums, additional vocals