© Cato Lein

Mats Gustafsson – soprano and tenor sax
Sten Sandell – piano
Raymond Strid - drums

Mats Gustafsson's first bandproject from the 90s, now reactivated and touring again in 2024!

The free improvisation was always the focus of the group after initial drone–attempts. When we now listen back to this live recording from Jazzclub Fasching in Stockholm we could not believe our ears. Pieces. Drone based structures with clear harmonic centers. Composed ideas. Even a Mongo Santamaria piece (made famous by the great John Coltrane). What happened here? What happened there? Why did we not continue that path?
We really have no idea. We cannot really remember any longer. It was a fantastic period. So much going on in Sweden. The birth of a scene. Record labels, clubs, festivals and a huge number of younger players. All hungry for more. The first generation of improvisers still being very active and willing to share their experiences: Dror Feiler and Lokomotiv Konkret, the Iskra collective with Sune Spångberg. It was a real community. No reason to be nostalgic and sentimental though. We all need to move on.