Antonius Block

May 2004 guitarist and instigator Jorge do Couto wasputting out his garbage in front of his house underthe Pulaski bridge in Brooklyn, NY, when he stumbledupon a cardboard box. Intrigued by the peculiar soundscoming from within, he opened the box. What he foundwas more than he ever asked for. Tina Schula, AustrianAlien, paralegal immigrant. Soon after feeding theundernourished refugee Jorge gave Tina a microphone.
Since then Tina never shut her mouth again. Thank her mother. Tina can break glass with her voice.

After two rounds of heavy-handed drummers, Andrya Ambrotook her turn behind the kit in early 2006. She bangs, she hurts, she bleeds. Just like Black Flag's third attempt at a vocalist (Sir Henry Rollins), Andrya will drive this band into the sweet glory that will be ANTONIUS BLOCK.

Their debut "I dated the devil" gives you even more that you dare to expect from three original persons brought together by accident in williamsburg/brooklyn (tina from austria, george - half portugese/half texan, andrea - nyc).

Musically the liars and the oh-so obvious (early) yeah yeah yeahs come to mind - but ANTONIUS BLOCK are somehow more diversified, accessible and yes, funny sometimes  -and with a female voice that breaks glass and a derwish on the guitar. screetchy, noisy, arty, screaming, sweet, distorted.