TROST OLIVE OIL – Extravergine Bio Oil from Abruzze, Italia

TROST | TR200 | Bottle | 2020
bio olive oil from abruzze, italy
0,75 L
label by brötzmann

We are very happy to announce a special project!
since we not only like good music, but good food and drinks as well, after our own wine and schnaps, during a long trip through italy we decided to produce our own olive oil as well - of course biological , extra vergine, cold pressed and of wonderful taste...

Produced by Federica Angelosante and her family - here is what they say about their product:
Since 1978, within the Majella and Morrone National Park in Abruzzo, our family business -  Lido degli Ulivi - takes care of the field of centuries-old olive trees in Tocco da Casauria, Pescara, Abruzzo, Italy.
Originally from Ovindoli, a mountain town in the Regional Park Sirente Velino where the oil is stored for the winter, Angelosante family has always been careful to respect the environment, it produces an oil for those who want a unique product, for those who respect nature and do not ask for more than she can give us.
The extra virgin olive oil obtained is made up of monocultivar Toccolana (Police). This quality of olives is of particular value for its organoleptic characteristics and thanks to the high quantity of total polyphenols, cultivated in a natural way, by the exclusive use of organic compost taken from sheep's pens in the mountains of Ovindoli, without the use of chemical agents of any nature.

Peter Brötzmann liked the project as well, and decided to draw and create a new and unique label for it!

the first run will be 100 bottles of, 0,75 litre.

Superior Category Olive Oil obtained directly from olives harvested in our own land and solely by mechanical means. Cold Pressing
Production Area: Tocco da Casauria (Pescara, Abruzzo, Italy)
Variety: Police Olive autochthonous Toccolana, 100% Monocultivar

Climatic environment: 350 meters above sea level
Harvest period: end of October-November
Harvesting technique: manual
Bottle: out of stock