MELVILLE – Musica Sentimental para las Senoras

TROST | TR078 | Vinyl-EP | 2001
Various cheap instrumentarium (old organs, toy-keyboards, casio-machines from the 70s, old junk guitars, etc.) build the atmosphere of french film noirs and italian neorealismus.beside the influence of the cinema you can feel the chansonniers of the 50s and 60s.

Two songs are instrumental, the others are interpreted by singers known from various bands (Christian Fetish of Fetish 69), invited for background vocals. The visual style of the film noir masters (Melville, Godard, etc.) was translated into the beautiful vinyl sleeve, too.
Buona Notte, Cosa Nostra
Petite Vie Solitaire
L'Affaire Amusante
Lolita, Goodbye