TROST | TR241 | CD | 2023

Helga Myhr – hardanger fiddle
Sylwia Swiatkowska – Bilgoraj suka
Susana Santos Silva – trumpet
Maniucha Bikont – vocal, tuba
Daniel Formo – organ, prepared piano
Arne Forsén – prepared piano, clavichord, percussion
Mats Gustafsson – baritone sax, flute, spilåpipa and conductions

Recorded by Mikael Werliin May 14th, 2022, at CODES Festival, Lublin
Additional recordings by Mikael Werliin Sept 30th 2022 at Polish Radio, Warsaw

developed with and on the initiative of the Avant Art foundation, Wroclaw

'The initial idea behind Ensemble E was to combine traditions of Contemporary Music, deeper folkmusic, Improvised music, Free Jazz and other experimental music fields and traditions with the deeper music traditions. This is deeper research of traditional and non-traditional ways of expressing folk music of Scandinavia, Portugal, Poland, Ukraine and more. Much more. By putting them next to each other/ on top of each other/ inside of each other. Creating new ways. The instrumentation of Ensemble E is spectacular in my ears, eyes and soul. Avoiding traditional prejudices. This is all about how it is shared. And with whom. And WHO we are.'
Liner notes by Mats Gustafsson

Ensemble E is focusing on the frictions and balances between solo music expressions and the collective interaction. Instant conductions, graphic scores and instructional pieces are  used for the ensemble in its collective form and structure. Solo music by each member of the EE is put into the overall form – bridging in between the collective group activities - within the fields of Folk Music, Improvised Music and pre -composed Contemporary Music. A genre-evasive ensemble of extreme diversity and complexity! Ensemble E is making deeper research into traditional and non-traditional ways of expressing the folk music of Scandinavia, Portugal and Poland and how, by putting these traditions in entirely new situations, a radically NEW music can occur!
(by Avant Art)


Recording:Mikael Werliin
Production:''In Between Norway & Poland Culture / Avant Art'', Mats Gustafsson and TROST
Mix:Mikael Werliin and Mats Gustafsson (2022)
Mastering:Mikael Werliin (2023)
Artwork:Lasse Marhaug
Publisher:Cien Fuegos