HERMANN NITSCH – Orgien Mysterien Theater - Musik des 6 Tage Spiels 2022

TROST | TR235 | 2CD | 2023
24 years after Hermann Nitsch's first realisation of the 6-day-play (1998), his Gesamtkunstwerk once again took place in July 2022, shortly after the artist passed away in April.

"The 6-day-play of the Orgien Mysterien Theater, is to become the greatest and most important festival of mankind (it is an aesthetic ritual of the glorification of existence). It is at the same time a popular festival and a mystery of existence brought to consciousness. The festival of the o.m. theatre has no other pretext than the mystical glorification of our being here." - Hermann Nitsch

The Orgien Mysterien Theatre is an artistic endeavour. In addition to the visual idea of form, music plays an essential role. The basic concept of the play is based on a symphonic idea. The setting for the action is taking place in the castle complex in Prinzendorf with all its rooms, as well as the surrounding landscape of the Lower Austrian Weinviertel.

concept: Hermann Nitsch
recorded on Juli 30, 2022, Schloss Prinzendorf, Austria
performed by the Orgien Mysterien Theater Orchestra
conductor: Andrea Cusumano
sub-conductors: Dario Lo Cicero, David Rimsky-Korsakow


Recording:Ulrich Dallinger
Production:Konstantin Drobil & Martha Schildorfer
Mastering:Martin Siewert, Ulrich Dallinger
Photos:Stefan Draschan, Daniel Feyerl, Christian Schramm
CD) Day 1- Morning
CD) Day 1- Finale