ELISABETH HARNIK – Superstructure - Holding Up A Bridge

TROST | TR215 | CD | 2021
performed by the ensembles:
All Ears Area with Elisabeth Harnik
Studio Dan

Superstructure was written in 2006 and is the first composition in which Elisabeth Harnik, found a place for improvisatory activity in her work as a composer. It was recorded and produced live in concert by the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ORF-Ö1 with „Jeunesse – Musikalische Jugend Österreichs“ at Radio Kulturhaus Vienna in 2007 and performed by ALL EARS AREA ensemble with Elisabeth Harnik (piano), Petra Stump (clarinets), Krassimir Šterev (accordeon), Michael Moser (violoncello), Christian Wolfarth (percussion), Josef Novotny (elektronics), Klaus Janek (double bass).

Holding up a bridge was commissioned and performed by the up-and-coming Viennese ensemble STUDIO DAN in 2018. Studio Dan is Thomas Frey (flute), Viola Falb (alto saxophone), Dominik Fuss (trumpet), Daniel Riegler (trombone), Michael Tiefenbacher (piano), Hubert Bründlmayer (drums), Sophia Goidinger-Koch (violin), Maiken Beer (violincello), Philipp Kienberger (double bass).


Recording:Anton Reininger & Florian Rosensteiner (Radio Ö1) and Werner Angerer& Xizi Wang
Production:ORF & Jeunesse - Musikalische Jugend Österreichs (for Superstructure only)
Mix:Werner Angerer
Mastering:Werner Angerer
Artwork:Heidi M. Richter / Federico Peñalva
1. Superstructure (2007) 27'25''
2. Holding Up A Bridge (2018) 18'16''