BRÖTZMANN / SCHLIPPENBACH / BENNINK – Fifty Years After... Live at the Lila Eule 2018

TROST | TR194 | CD / LP+DL | 2019
Brötzmann - tenor saxophone, b-flat clarinet, tarogato
Alexander Schlippenbach - piano
Han Bennink - drums

For the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the legendary Machine Gun recordings at the Lila Eule in Bremen, Peter Brötzmann put together a trio with the Berlin pianist, composer  Alexander von Schlippenbach and the percussionist Han Bennink, who already sat on the drums 50 years ago. They were so pleased with the music ,that they decided to release it and continue to play gigs as the trio.

recorded live at Lila Eule, Bremen on 26.5.2018


It might be 50 years since Machine Gun was released, but these three legends prove that they can continue in the same extravagant path, always leave behind gems from these explorations.- Spyros Stasis, Invisible Oranges

for sheer energy and excitement Fifty Years After is a great aural ride that can hardly be equalled or topped. - Ken Waxman, Jazzword

They created a stellar performance that ranks with that classic album in terms of intensity, but also displays all of the hard won knowledge and wisdom that fifty years in the musical trenches can instill.- Tim Niland, Jazzandblues


Recording:Oliver Scroweleit / Gregor Hennig
Mix:Oliver Scroweleit / Gregor Hennig
Mastering:Martin Siewert
Publisher:Cien Fuegos
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