ACTIVE MINDS – Five Years of Banging our Heads against a Brick Wall

TROST | TR034 | Cassette | 1994
First part of the immense work of the UK duo. sharp politcore vom 86-92; 42 songs!

A1 Can't Hide Forever  
A2 Empire Of Destruction  
A3 Evo-Stik  
A4 Dead Bodies  
A5 Murder In The Laboratory  
A6 Bullshit Detector  
A7 Being Different Is No Crime  
A8 Blind Acceptance  
A9 Dead Bodies  
A10 An End To The Killing  
A11 Too Far Away To Care  
A12 An Excuse For Apathy  
A13 Glorification Of Death  
A14 Slaughter Of The Innocent  
A15 I'm Sick Of It  
A16 Head On Collision  
A17 Barriers Of Hate  
A18 How Much Longer?  
A19 Stream  
A20 Dead Head  
A21 Waste Of Money  
A22 The Heroes Are All Dead  
B1 Will They Ever Learn?  
B2 Civil Defence  
B3 Make It Work  
B4 Royalty  
B5 Conformity  
B6 A Matter Of Life Or Death  
B7 Empire Of Destruction  
B8 Welcome To The Slaughterhouse  
B9 Not Your Property  
B10 Take It Back  
B11 Take A Straight Look At A Crooked World  
B12 Can't Hide Forever  
B13 Participation Is The Key  
B14 Gunrunner  
B15 Competition Time  
B16 Split The Scene  
B17 Wrong Priorities  
B18 Dancing On Your Graves  
B19 Meaningless Name  
B20 Blinded By Science
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