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Then & Now



Austrian musician & composer, curator, label-founder (charhizma), co-founder of the legendary Viennese bar for electronic musc (Rhiz) with many releases/bands/projects over the years, turns 50.

 A perfect time for a big multi-variant collection of his unreleased work: solos, duos, special collaborations, groups, for instance with B. Fleischmann, Ken Vandermark, Robert Wyatt, Mats Gustafsson, Tony Buck, and many more.

From electronica to avantgarde and improvisation to political chansons!


Then & Now Tracklist

Extended Versions - I never knew

Kurzmann/Stotz/Wyatt - Noah's Song

Kurzmann/Kammerer/Dafeldecker/Busato - You're my thrill

The Year Of - Alone

Kurzmann/Neumann/Buck - 4 Rooms

Kammerflimmer Kollektief & Kurzmann - Till the Rain Will End the Drama

Kurzmann - Places

El Infierno Musical - Te Recuerdo Amanda

Kurzmann / Carrasco - Track 1

Kurzmann / Jernberg - She

The Magic I.D. & Butcher - Something

Kurzmann / Vandermark - Track 2

Kurzmann / Kaplan - Live at Musikprotokoll 2012

Kurzmann / Gustafsson - Live at Gala 2014

Kurzmann / B. Fleischmann - Every Day I write a Book



the album is supported by the Austrian SKE-Fonds